Learning my way around Twitter….haven’t tweeted much yet…but am having a great time! Have already ‘met’ one author and have had a great exchange. I am getting some solid ideas and motivation for my own writing. If you have any interest in writing he seems a great person to follow! Lots of good advice and he teaches in the Creative Writing program at Oxford. His name on Twitter is @MikeWellsAuthor if you want to follow him.

One thing that came up was having a group of ‘readers’ giving thoughts about how your work is going. Is it readable? Does it flow? Catch you up in the story? I have a few people doing this but none of them are authors themselves.

So……………if there are any other writers out there that want to read my excerpt and give me feedback I’d really appreciate it! I’ve been working on this story for years but, I’m still very new to the whole process.


Erm…..ok…..what to say…….

I’ll be up front with the fact that I do NOT like Face Book. There is just too much Sh _ _ …..ah Cr _ _ …..erm…..STUFF to deal with just to post messages. I’d rather do it here. Simple, direct, easy. Eventually….I may try Twitter. Thinking about it.

I am essentially a fairly private person, so don’t like the idea of posting my life on FB. If someone wants to look here to get info, I can deal with that. No, my bio isn’t up yet. Writing something about myself…ish….will work on it….promise. I have many stories in my head – the hope is to eventually support myself writing.

For now, the site is up though definitely NOT where I (or my Webmaster) want it to be. There are lots of tweaks and upgrades planned….as time and availability allow. I hope you can be patient as we embark on this new adventure together.

Don’t be surprised if the Webmaster (that would be Kyle) posts occasionally here in my stead. I’m really good with computers to a certain point…..past that, I need lots of help. Until he sets up a format for posting directly that I can use, everything goes through him. Besides….he has some great things to say!

Blessed Be my Friends
Live life well, and to the fullest!


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